The three tricks every dog should know.

My dog loves to swim.  But do you know what she loves more?  Garbage.  When she was young we would take her to the river bank and let her play in the water.  Inevitably she would find the nastiest looking thing around… and eat it.  “NO!” I would shout as I scrambled down the river bank, but it was always too late.  She would already have eaten what would be a stinky mess on my floor later that night.  But it didn’t have to be that way.  If I had known what I’m about to share with you, maybe I could have avoided some of those smells that haunt me to this day.

  1.    Sit

This is one of the most basic commands every dog should be an expert at.  The sit/stay is useful in many different situations.  When I’m at home I use it to keep them from rushing out doors I’m opening.  When we’re on walks it is useful when meeting strangers, and when it’s time to leash up and go home after a run in the field this focuses them on me for the walk home.

2.  Come

No matter where you live the recall is the most important command when it comes to safety.  Whether you are next to a busy street and he gets loose, or it’s time to go home, having to chase your dog down because he won’t come back is unpleasant and sometimes unsafe.


3.  Leave It 

I wish I had known this command back in our river adventure days.  This command tells your dog to stop what they are doing and focus on you.  Leave It is one of the most basic building blocks to having a well rounded dog.


This is by no means and exhaustive list, but is meant to give you a start to your dog training experience.  What commands do you have on your list?

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